British Naturism

Working for Naturism in the UK

British Naturism or BN as it is widely known, is the national organisation that supports and promotes naturism throughout the UK. Whether you are a club naturist or someone who likes to find your little piece of solitude, at one with nature, in the countryside, BN is for you.


What does it offer?


First and foremost, in most people's minds, it provides a sense of belonging. Something to say that you are not alone in liking to enjoy life without clothes wherever possible.


It also provides, where appropriate, much needed support and advice where a naturist finds themselves, through misguided interpretations of the law on nudity, on the wrong side those laws.


BN also organises a host of events throughout the year as well as supporting and promoting events of others via their website. These range from a whole week at a top notch camp site in Cornwall, long weekends away, to one off swimming evenings in water parks. Some of these events are exclusive to its members and some are offered with large discounts to members


The BN website has a vibrant community forum available to its members that can amuse or stimulate discussion on a whole range of topics as well as giving people the opportunity to share their experiences.


On top of all that, the BN magazine is a quarterly glossy publication packed with information about holiday destinations, club activities throughout the UK and tips on how to improve the public attitude towards naturism.


You can reach the BN website by clicking this link and you can download a membership application form from their site


Membership will cost you much less than a pint of beer or a high street coffee per week and represents excellent value



NB. It is possible to opt out of the club magazine by arrangement.