Naked Life Drawing

A selection of timed poses-(All abilities)

A recent addition to our extensive programme of extra activities at our sessions at Ruxley Lane is the opportunity to try your skills at life drawing. We do not expect anyone to be an expert with the pencil and do not offer any specific instruction on how to turn yourself into a modern day Leonardo DaVinci. We do, however, give you the pencils, paper and a board to put it on. The most important thing we provide is someone to draw with willing volunteers from the group.  Good life drawing, as with any drawing or art in general, can only improve with practice so, even if you've never picked up a pencil since your school days why not have a go and see how you improve over time.

Both models and artists can be free of clothing for these sessions. Not many places where both artists and models are nude.


In common with our policy for dry-side activities these sessions are clothes optional although most artists are nude and the model always is.


Please look at the What's On This week and Next section on our home page to see the dates. There is a small extra charge for this.


Please call us on 07940 881 100 for full details