Altogether Aerobics

We are very lucky to have as a member, Jonathan who is a qualified fitness instructor to lead his "Altogether Aerobics" classes. Keep an eye on the "Whats on This Week and Next" section on this page to see when he is booked.  These classes are once again able to be enjoyed as nature intended, although, as with all our studio based classes, they are clothes optional.


Naked fitness has never been such fun, with a varied, challenging, but always enjoyable set of exercises, done at your own pace. It's full body workout improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, coordination and core strength. Great for all ages and abilities!


All Jonathan's classes are tailored by him to the participants and you can take things at your own pace if required. 


Please note that you will need to give us a call on 07940 881 100 if you've not visited us before.